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    BetOnWeather.io 💰☔️

    Bet on live weather, precipitation forecasts, seasonal weather and more. Powered by the United States National Weather Service API™

    Results Previewer 💻🔍

    A Chrome Extension that allows users to preview webpages from search results by simply hovering their cursor over any link. #NeverClickALinkAgain
  • PrintMeBot 🖨🤖

    Tag @PrintMeBot in reply to a tweet you like with "#PrintThis" and automatically have that tweet be put on shirts, stickers, and more.
  • Elon's Extension 🕺🚀

    Trigger a dancing Elon Musk and motivational Elon quote whenever the words 'Elon' or 'Musk' appear on a page. CAUTION: Enter "Insane Mode" at your own risk...
  • TC Tuggers 👕👚

    The first shirt with a state-of-the-art knob for pulling when it gets trapped on your belly. Stop wrecking your shirts.
  • Wash F**king Hands

    Online petition to wash hands + instructional guides on best practices

Who we are:

The internet version of the Beastie Boys. We love playing with digital Legos.
  • Jesse Rowe
    Probably looking at you read this right now (kidding, of course, Dad)
  • Tom/John Sharkman
    Most likely negotiating with his future person, Meg (pictured above)

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